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Guidelines For Event Organisers

Organising a Club Event can be as simple or as difficult as you care to make it and depends greatly on the type of event that youíre planning Ė obviously putting together an International event requires considerably more time, effort and commitment than arranging a Sunday meet  but one is just as important to the functioning of the Club as another.

If the new BM Riders Club is to eventually put together a good list of meetings and events it will be up to you, the members to arrange them and ensure through this website and the Forum that we are all aware so that we can participate. If you wish to undertake the organisation of an event then thatís great providing itís done in the correct way. We are here to help co-ordinate your efforts in doing so Ė this is your Club and these events are for your benefit and should be the type of events that the members wish. Below are some guidelines to (hopefully) help smooth your way to putting on events that we all enjoy.

Assuming that you have an event in mind and that you are sure that it's both practical and something in which others would like to participate, the next step is to propose the idea either to the Events Co-ordinator or your local Regional Co-ordinator who's job it is to co-ordinate these events. After discussions, and if all if acceptable, the event will then be included in the Events Calendar.

Assuming that you get the go ahead to put the event together, you then need to carefully check out availability of dates, costs etc and of course whether or not the venue is willing and able to host what you require (there's little point in arranging a Pub meet only to find that everyone is turned away 'cos the pub doesn't allow motorcycles). Costs need to be kept realistic or the event is finished before it begins - if your desired venue looks too expensive there is always the option to negotiate or take the business elsewhere - many businesses will take a firm stand on non-negotiation until you're half way out of the door and they see the money following you. Dates are also a major factor with an event - check what else is on in both the Club and elsewhere 'cos you have a far better chance of getting a good turnout if your event doesn't coincide with some other popular event.

Pick something that you would like to do - if no-one else turns up at least you'll get to enjoy yourself!

One other thing that you should remember is that if you are the organiser, you are not just there to enjoy yourself, you are also there to ensure that others enjoy themselves even if that means you don't have as much fun as you'd hoped because you are looking after others. New members can sometimes find it difficult to become involved at their first meeting and some go away disillusioned, never to return - it is a major part of your responsibility as the organiser, to ensure this doesn't happen by looking out for and taking care of members regardless of whether or not you know them.

If you're still reading by now, then I'd guess you may be happy to arrange something - if so please try it as it can be very rewarding to give everyone a good day out. Remember - events will only happen if YOU put them on for us.......

Before getting too carried away though, contact the one of the team to discuss your ideas.


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