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The unofficial, independent club for unassuming BMW motorcycle enthusiasts anywhere

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BMW Motorcycle Owners of America


BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
P.O. Box 3982, Ballwin, MO 63022
voice: (636) 394-7277 fax: (636) 391-1811

Membership Information

We would like to extend a personal invitation to join our National Organization of BMW motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. The aim of BMW MOA is communication, based upon the mutual sharing of individual ideas, talents, concepts and experiences; so the knowledge and enjoyment of our sport will substantially increase through collective education and participation. BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, Incorporated, a non-profit organization of BMW owners and local area chartered BMW clubs, is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, elected biennially by BMW MOA members in a general election. These directors, representative of the general membership, govern according to BMW MOA corporate by-laws; a copy of which is available to a BMW MOA member upon request. BMW MOA is proud to have members in all 50 United States, Canada and South America, continental Europe and Armed Forces stationed worldwide.


1. You receive on joining and on yearly renewal, an attractive colored membership card to readily identify your club affiliation.

2. You receive on joining and by request on yearly renewal, a cloth jacket patch to add to your already growing collection.

3. You receive on joining and by request on yearly renewal, a 3" color BMW MOA peel-n-stick decal for your bike.

4. You receive on joining and on yearly renewal, the famous BMW MOA Anonymous book. Published annually with updated material, this book lists BMW MOA members who are willing to aid and assist (as indicated) in cases of emergency or just sociability. Listings are coded by phone numbers only and indicate degrees of services, abilities, parts, etc. available to BMW MOA riders requiring emergency help, simple directions or just a hot cup of coffee with a smiling friendly face attached. Over 12,000+ members are currently listed and as a BMW MOA member you will discover the Anonymous Book as an invaluable security blanket and an absolutely safety tool when touring anywhere, anytime.

5. You receive on joining and on yearly renewal access to the 800 service number. This number is used for accessing coded listings and the message board, and is updated 2 times a year.

6. You receive on joining and on yearly renewal, the BMW Owners News. The monthly publication of BMW MOA features information on exciting events occurring internationally, regionally, and locally in your home town; free classified advertisements for members enumerating hundreds of motorcycle related items for everyone. There are numerous special interest features like: Technical pages, Touring, Accessories and Equipment, with many, too numerous to list.

7. Throughout the year you receive discounts and upgrades on things like motorcycle insurance, hotels, roadside assistance programs and even rental cars.

The highlight of each summer s activities is the annual BMW MOA National Rally; consistently the largest single brand event held anywhere, since 1973! BMW MOA is highly proud of this event and considers it genuinely avid testimony to the enthusiasm of the entire membership. If you enjoy group activities, there are many chartered local BMW clubs. If there is no local BMW club in your area, you might be interested in forming one! BMW MOA will gladly furnish guidelines on initial procedural suggestions but, because strict confidentiality of BMW MOA membership records is required, corporate policy forbids providing names and addresses. BMW MOA will aid and assist in forwarding your communications and offer their expertise in helping you organize wherever possible.

Membership in BMW MOA is currently $32.00 per year. Additional memberships within the same household are $8.00 each. Please visit our Online Membership page and start experiencing the multitude of fun and enjoyment (not to mention SUPER exciting times) to be shared with fellow BMW people in your home town, local state, across the country and around the world! Outside U.S. $47.00 per year.

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