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The Black Museum


Your disaster photos are required for display here.........

Results of a fairly standard R45 'Dropped Valve'


The dramatic results of an R100 'Dropped Valve'


R100RT rear drive splines - 100,000 + miles and you could shave with the splines


The result of a dropped R80G/S hitting a kerb and almost ripping off a barrel. A testament to the old Boxer bottom end, 80,000 miles later the crankshaft has never been removed!


An Airhead collapsed gearbox bearing - the result of ignoring all the warning rumbles

Collapsed Bearing

A badly damaged R25 piston

R25 Piston

R1100 Snapped Driveshaft

R1100 Broken shaft

Alan McNulty's /5 Crankshaft

Broken 5 Crank

Phil Holtom's R11 Rocker Cover

R11 Rocker Cover

About as close as you can get without destroying the gearbox

Collapsed Bearing

Simon McCarthy's broken rocker shaft

Broken rocker shaft

Robert Ranson's R100R Driveshaft

R1100 Broken shaft

....And the resulting damage

UJ to Bevel connection

Cam Follower - photo by Michael

Cam Follower photo

Worn Rear Diff - photo by Michael

Worn Rear diff photo

Damaged Gear - photo by Michael

Damaged Gear photo

Damaged Gear - photo by Michael

Damaged Gear photo

Damaged Gear - photo by Michael

Damaged Gear photo

Worn Gear - photo by Michael

Worn Gear photo

Gearbox Bearing - photo by Michael

Gearbox Bearing photo

Holed Piston - photo by Michael

Holed Piston photo

Spark Plug - photo by Michael

Damaged Spark Plug photo

Valve - photo by Michael

Broken Valve

Valve - photo by Michael

Damaged Valve photo

R1150R piston

R1150R piston

R1150R piston

R1150R piston

Badly damaged cam follower - photo by Gerard Stegeman

Damaged Cam follower

Another dropped valve - photo by Benoit Bocquet

Dropped BMW Valve

R1100GS Driveshaft. Photo by Jerry Watts

BMW R1100GS driveshaft

K75RT Generator Clutch - photo by Morten Vellesen

Damaged BMW Generator

David Makin's R69S conrod and piston


David Makin's R69S conrod and piston

Broken /5 Oil Pump. Photo by Nick Greear

Broken Oil Pump

Broken Valve Seat. Photo by Rudi de Groot


Broken Valve seat

Jerzy Awramiuk's broken cam follower

Broken Cam Follower

R1200 Rear Diff. Photo by Martin de Cayless

BMW R1200 rear diff

Broken Layshaft. Photo by Hubert Schabel

Broken Layshaft

Below: photos of a 40,000 mile R65 front wheel. Note that each spoke is badly cracked - the rim has been cut through to allow the broken spokes to come away from the hub. Design is similar to the early, recalled 19" wheels but a recall was never issued for the 18" wheels of the R45/65. Photos by Mark Endean.
BMW R65 Front Wheel BMW R65 Front Wheel BMW R65 Front Wheel
R27 snapped crank. Photo by Rob Roodnat

BMW R27 snapped crank

R27 piston. Photo by Rob Roodnat

BMW R27 Piston

Badly worn K1200LT Plugs. Photo by Dwayne Robichaud

Badly worn sparkplugs

Collapsed Filter. Photo by James Watt

Collapsed Filter



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