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The unofficial, independent club for unassuming BMW motorcycle enthusiasts anywhere

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About the BM Riders Club


Well, what can we say..........

Launched on May 1st 2006 by a small group of BMW enthusiasts in the UK who saw the need for a  BMW Club with down to earth attitudes and a common sense approach to Club life. The idea sprang from the BM Bikes Forum, an offshoot of the BM Bikes website and initially, at least, the Club will be based around that Forum where we would encourage you to share your ideas and information regarding your favourite marque of motorcycle. BM Bikes welcomes this new Club to share it's Forum and the information and camaraderie contained within it - it may be that, in the future, the BM Riders Club will wish to go it's own way and separate itself from affiliation with BM Bikes but that will be your choice in the future but for now, consider it home.

BM Riders is a non-profit making Club that is self financing and totally independent of any manufacturer although we hope to develop links with other BMW Clubs throughout the world.

Download BM Riders Club Rules Here

See the Membership information Here

The Benefits of Joining the BM Riders Club
bulletThe camaraderie of a close knit and friendly group of BMW riders who like to share knowledge, information and fun.
bulletA full calendar of BMW motorcycle oriented meetings throughout the UK and hopefully elsewhere in due course. As a new Club this may take a while to achieve.
bulletAn open and easily accessible Club management structure where your views will count.
bulletIn due course, Area or Country Co-ordinators for events in your area.
bulletA quarterly e-Zine, 'The BM Rider', that may be downloaded and printed. In time this may change to a printed magazine. For those not internet enabled, at extra cost we can print out the PDF and mail this to you although the printed version cannot contain any active content such as video.
bulletAccess to a BM Riders Club 'Members Only' area of the Forum.
bulletUnlimited access to whatever technical information we have through either the BM Bikes website or the Forum
bulletAn anonymous 'Get You Home' book where you can find contact details of those willing to help in the event of breakdown etc. This will be in a downloadable and printable PDF format from the 'Members Only' area of the website.
The Aim of the BM Riders Club
bulletTo maintain the Club in a friendly and open fashion with regards to the members' wishes.
bulletTo work for the benefit of BMW Motorcycle owners & enthusiasts within the National and International motorcycling scene.
bulletTo meet in a spirit of friendship and bring together all of those who have an interest in BMW motorcycles.
bulletTo encourage social, touring, sporting events and meetings that are relevant to BMW motorcycle enthusiasts.
bulletTo encourage and assist the free exchange of technical information regarding BMW motorcycles.
bulletTo maintain good channels of communication with fellow Club members and other interested parties.
bulletTo keep members informed, via the website, Forum and E-zine, of what is happening within the Club.

Only time will tell how successful we've been but the aims are to provide a totally independent Club catering for riders and enthusiasts of BMW motorcycles of any model or age and to return to that almost extinct idea of 'Club Life'  with as little formality as is practical.

BM Riders Club Ideals


BM Riders ride BMW motorcycles out of choice.


BM Riders believe that the simplest engineering solutions are best.


BM Riders appreciate function over form, fact over fiction and friendship over friction.


BM Riders regard money as a tool, not a status symbol.


BM Riders are down to earth folk who like to camp (or not - we're easy).


BM Riders maintain their own motorcycles (well, some do...).


BM Riders don't take themselves, politics or life too seriously.


BM Riders like to share time, knowledge, parts and camaraderie with other BM Riders.

The above Ideals are unashamedly borrowed and modified from the Airheads because they represent perfectly what this Club is intended to be about.

Grateful thanks go to member John Marshall for the design that has been used for the BM Riders Club logo BM Riders Club Logo



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