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Swallow Falls Rally

Launch Day Meet Mynd Rally 2006 Weekend Meets Killala 2006 Sidecar Saturday Keldy 2007 BMF Show 2007 Swallow Falls Garmisch 2007 Sidecar Sunday 2008 BMF Show 2008

Lanberis and Mt Snowdon. Photo by Colin

Swallow Falls/Lanberis and Mt Snowdon

Mt Snowdon

Mt Snowdon



Swallow Falls Rally 25th - 28th May 2007. Thanks to Pat for the write up.

The place to be for the late May bank holiday weekend was at Swallow Falls.  There was a good mix of people present; two families were included in the total of 18 weekenders and four day visitors.  So, all in all, a great turnout even though the weather forecast was not encouraging for the weekend.

John (and his family), Tony, Gio, Johnnyboy and Susan, Rugbycoach and Margaret, Chris, and Sean were new faces for our camping weekend.  Nationalities represented were English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Polish.  People travelled from London, Worcestershire, Northampton, Leicestershire, Yorkshire, Surrey, Staffordshire, and Ireland.  In fact, the only person to travel from another country (Ireland), Patman won the award for having travelled the shortest distance (43 miles from Holyhead + 10 miles from home to the ferry).

Chris (Screech) who works in London but comes from Poland turned up having read about the event on the forum and promptly joined the Club.  Tubbs is not happy though that we have a member younger than him!

The event clashed with a Sidecar Federation Rally up the road but we were pleased to have club members Ray and Sofa join us for a chat on Saturday (together with their respective spouses, Sheila and Jen).  With coffee and tea on the boil we chewed the cud, kicked a few tyres, and generally solved all that is wrong with the world!

Chatting on a sunny Saturday. Photo by Gio

Chatting at Swallow Falls

Chatting on a sunny Saturday. Photo by Gio

Chatting at Swallow Falls

Chatting on a sunny Saturday. Photo by Gio

Chatting at Swallow Falls

On Sunday most enjoyed the walk along the river into Betws y Coed while one or two climbed up, or went for a rideout around, Snowdonia.  The drizzle didn’t put a damper on our endeavours to have fun.

The evenings were taken up with pleasant, quality conversation in the on-site pub and those that didn’t feel like cooking a meal were able to order a generous portion of food from the varied menu in the restaurant at reasonable prices.  Most, however, took part in the nightly tasting sessions on the campsite where the merits (or otherwise) of several Irish whiskeys were compared with the Scotch single malt varieties.  The “jury” is still out on this one and, before deciding, have requested another chance to sample the choices before coming to a definitive conclusion.

Mike getting hungry. Photo by Gio

Mike cooking

Bryn enjoying the sun. Photo by Gio


Some of the bikes. Photo by Gio

The bikes

Farewells are always difficult, particularly when you have met new friends, and many agreed before leaving that they would meet up again at the Dartmoor camping/bunkhouse weekend or at the Killala cottage weekend in September.

Faces have been put to names and friendships have been formed.  What better reason to attend a rally?

Swallow Falls late night club drinking! Photo by Colin

Swallow Falls late night club drinking!

Swallow Falls. Photo by Colin

Swallow Falls

Swallow Falls. Photo by Colin

Swallow Falls


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