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The Mynd Rally 2006

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'The Mynd Rally', so called as the campsite is set amongst an area of outstanding beauty at one end of the Long Mynd (I think that translates as Long Mountain) and the first ever Rally that this new Club of ours has held. The site wasn't our first choice for the inaugural Rally but as it was a Bank Holiday weekend and very short notice, we were lucky to find anywhere.

Two weeks of almost solid rain beforehand and panic begins to set in as each of the team quietly wonders if anyone will

Chilling out
Chilling Out
Chilling Out
Chilling Out
Chilling Out

actually turn up and if indeed the campsite is under a foot of water...... Two weeks of rain in hill country aren't conducive to good conditions for camping so fingers crossed that's it's possible to actually pitch a tent on what has to be a sodden field. The team obviously weren't the only ones wondering about conditions as some of those who had promised to come clearly chickened out - absolutely no sense of adventure, some of these youngsters.......

Due to other commitments, I was later arriving than I'd planned and I pulled into the site behind three bikes (two with Irish

plates) who'd just been on a fish & chip run so at least there was someone here which is always a good sign. The first sight of the camp site was errr....... well, disheartening 'cos I've seen drier swamps in the Everglades....... Steve, who's not a camper, had come in the camper and got stranded mid-field with the site's tractor unable to get him out - not a promising start but I managed to find a spot that was dry enough to put up the tent by which time the others had got two (not one but two) awnings erected and Steve's tea urn on the go - these three items plus numerous chairs, provided by Steve and Mike, were the saving grace of what was to be a seriously wet and muddy rally - I swear my boots weighed 2lbs each for most of the weekend....

One thing that I've learned over many years of rallying is that the wet ones are always the most memorable and friendly because folk stay together and get to know each other and this Rally was no exception. Although there were only ten Club Members staying (including Bryn, our Junior Member), the atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly with everyone joining in and sharing, that, despite the rain and the mud, I'd have to list this Rally amongst my top ten of the many I've been to over the years - it may have been small but the atmosphere made up for that and I'd suspect many friendships were formed that weekend and this is exactly what rallying and this Club is intended to be about.

Sunday saw a reasonably dry day with seven day visitors turning up, including two who rode up from Slough for the day and a short ride out over the Long Mynd for most (including some of the visitors) - I can't report on that as I stayed behind to ensure someone was there in case of other folk arriving but I think all enjoyed themselves.



Under Jimmy's chair

Under Jimmys Chair

Jimmy with his two loves...

Jimmy with his two loves..

The morning after......

The morning after....

The evenings? Well, despite the chill and damp, the B.S. flowed in the way that it only can at a great rally where everyone is having a good time (reminded me of an Airhead rally in the US or an Irish rally)). The B.S. wasn't the only thing flowing liberally though - although everyone there had a taster or two of Irish Potcheen and the Virginian Moonshine, there was a general vote (proposed by Jimmy) to make Jameson Irish Whiskey the official Club drink - it was agreed by all including Steve who claimed to dislike it before sampling - I reckon the volume consumed would have got me halfway home........

Steve kindly supplied a Burco boiler which was on the go all weekend along with the tea and coffee and he also supplied and paid for, four trophies to be presented to ralliers for various things - see the photos.

As Steve found the rally site for us and travelled there numerous times to check things out, he really does deserve a round of applause for his effort and enthusiasm in putting together what was a small but great rally for those that attended, so many thanks to both Steve and Lindsey for all the time, effort and expense - Lindsey even cooked everyone's sausage and bacon for two mornings . I think everyone did their share to keep all running smoothly so thanks to everyone for all you did to make this first Rally the success it was. The weekend was so enjoyable that it was more or less decided that we will have a repeat one towards the end of the year.....

Gareth receiving a trophy stating 'Somewhere, a village is missing an idiot' You need to visit the Forum Happy Hour to understand......

Gareth being presented with Club Idiot award

Jimmy being presented with the long distance award - he's travelled from Germany but would have still won if he'd come from home.

Jimmy being presented with the Long Distance award

This wasn't supposed to happen...oldest combined age of bike & rider - we were debating if it was Jimmy or Pat and some clever soul asked the age of my bike.....

Oldest combined age

Junior Member, Bryn, receiving the Challenge Cup - an open award and as Bryn spent half the weekend running up the field to fetch water and generally helping out....

Bryn receiving the Challenge Trophy

For anyone that's interested and as this was a special (ie first) rally that will go down in the history of this Club, I'll list all of those who made the effort to support this first venture. Some weren't Club Members when they arrived but few escaped......

Day Visitors
Phil Hawksley (UK) Earle Cornelius (I.O.M.)
Pat Mansfield (Eire) Tony Ware (UK)
Jim O'Connell & Finola (Eire) Derek Tocock (UK)
Pete Crane (UK) Daniel Jackson (UK)
Steve & Lindsey Foreman (UK) Gareth (UK)
Mike, Carol & Bryn Thomas (UK) Phil Kingston (UK)
  Rob Crawley (UK)




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