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Killala 2006

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The Killala Cottage Weekend will live in the early history of this Club for many years to come. The concept of this type of

View from the cottages
View from the cottages
View from the cottages
View from the cottages
View from the cottages
A 4,000 year old pine tree from the peat bog
4,000 year old pine

Rally was alien to many and some had never crossed the sea to Ireland either but every one of the 17 folk that attended had a stunning weekend and all gelled as a group even though there were a couple who couldn't quite get the hang of chilling out.... The event was enjoyed so much that it was decided to hold a repeat for next year and we re-booked the cottages before we left.

Pat met some of the group from the ferry and led a leisurely ride, including a lunch stop, to Killala - this was appreciated by those who'd had an early start to catch the 8.55am ferry as it meant folk didn't need to concentrate on navigating, so many thanks, Pat.

Although many were tired after their early start, most still managed to party until 1or 2am and still got up for breakfast - breakfast being a full Irish in one house and a much healthier feed in another....I know Susan, as a Scot, was threatening porridge for everyone - I'm so glad I was in the full Irish house.......

Saturday saw a late ride out to the Cielde Fields, a pre-historic site of many square miles of ancient remains that lie under the peat bog; a fascinating insight into the early life in this area. Afterwards some rode further and some returned to the cottages to chill before the arranged meal in a local bar. Strangely enough, the evening ended with most partying in one of the houses where a few samples of the Club drink were tasted.

Sunday once again, saw a late start for most and some undertook another ride out whilst others decided to have a laze around town and sit in a bar where a group of Irish musicians were playing traditional music - that always makes for a good relaxing time and some were sorry to have missed it but they can always join us again next year. John (Spot) decided to offer to cook a meal for all in the evening and very welcome it was too, John - he even washed the dishes too.

Monday saw us split into two groups for the ride back to Dublin - different paces and different routes but most met up at the ferry terminal.

For me, the beauties of Ireland are many with it's relaxed and friendly way of life - nothing is rushed and Irish time is always a little behind everyone else's. Those who had never been before fell in love with the country and want to go back to see more of it. All in all it was a superb rally and I suspect that when bookings open for next years event, you may need to be quick........

A more comprehensive report of this rally will appear in the next issue of The BM Rider - have to give you some reason to join the Club, don't we?

Quicktime Movies - if you right click and 'save as' they can be saved to your PC and save out bandwidth


Party Time B.S.


Jimmy's New Friend


Music in the Bar


Music in the Bar


Music in the Bar


Music in the Bar


Pat being presented with..... ........this. Don't ask. Jimmy's new friend
Pat being presented with.. this........don't ask Jimmy's new friend
Jimmy's new friend Music in the Bar Music in the Bar
Jimmy's new friend Music in the bar Music in the bar
Music in the Bar The Saturday Meal The Saturday Meal
Music in the bar The Saturday Meal The Saturday Meal


And some more photos by John Stride

The Arrival The Arrival The Arrival The Ceilde Fields Centre
The Arrival The Arrival The Arrival The Ceilde Fields Centre
The Ceilde Fields Centre Jimmy & Finola Carol, Bryn, Elka & Ernst (he's the one with his head in his hands...) Oh, what fun we had....
Ceilde field Jimmy & Finola The crowd Susan
Tubbs & Johnny Boy - think they must be watching the previous one..... Spot cooking..... .....and doing the dishes Mullaghmore
Tubbs & Johhny Boy Spot Cooking Doing dishes Mullaghmore
Mullaghmore Mullaghmore Mullaghmore Tubbs & Bodger
Mullaghmore Mullaghmore Mullaghmore Tubbs & Bodger
Tubbs Bodger Ready to leave Ready to leave
Tubbs Bodger Ready to leave Ready to leave
Ready to leave Ready to leave Leaving the great event  
Ready to leave Ready to leave Leaving  


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