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BMF Show 2008


After the awful position that the Club Stands were placed in at last years show the team discussed very carefully whether or not we would support the show again and we eventually decided that we would do so for 2008 on the basis that the positioning could only get better - just how wrong could we be?? This years positioning of the Club stands was considerably worse than last year and it was very, very clear that the Clubs were just stuck out of the way as an afterthought. There was absolutely no reason for anyone to pass by the stands as to do so they would have had to be walking from no-where to no-where and I saw not one single sign pointing in the village direction - it probably didn't help that the BMF in their wisdom had decided to charge 2 for what has always been a free program with site map the consequences of which were that no-one had a site map 'cos no-one was prepared to pay...... We heard many complaints about the entrance fee of 16, the fact that member discounts were not available at the gate and that there were no longer OAP discounts - many were unhappy about these changes.

We took the grand total of three new Members and three renewals.... Most of the other Clubs that we talked to had similar results, were equally unhappy with the show and I suspect that some will not support the BMF show further. From the Club point of view there was little point in being there....

Both Anna Zee (Chairman) and Rachel Crossley (Membership Secretary) did visit the Club stands asking how it was going and both were told our views - Rachel, particularly, was very concerned and admitted that she'd known she'd be having that conversation as soon as she saw the site layout and I suspect she had many similar chats that morning......... So, will we attend the Show again next year?? The decision that we made last year would say no but the concern showed by Rachel has induced the team to decide that we will attend again next year IF we receive specific assurances that the Club will be in a position where visitors are likely to pass but if those assurances are not forthcoming then we will not attend again and will review what the Club gains from being affiliated. I do feel that if the BMF wish to retain support of the Clubs then they need to review what the Clubs actually gain from affiliation.

Many thanks to all those members who helped out over the weekend and thanks to those who dropped by to say hello it's always good to see you.

Many thanks must go too, to Lisa Parker and the other helpers from the BMW Club for once again inviting us to join in their BBQ - it was much appreciated as was the company.

Photos below were taken by Colin Clarke (Rugbycoach) and will give you an idea of how busy we were......

BMF Show 2008 BMF Show 2008 BMF Show 2008
BMF Show 2008 BMF Show 2008 BMF Show 2008
BMF Show 2008 BMF Show 2008 BMF Show 2008
BMF Show 2008 BMF Show 2008 BMF Show 2008
BMF Show 2008 BMF Show 2008 BMF Show 2008


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